Interior Design Studio

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nune is a small design studio with locations in both New York + London, working globally on private residences, as well as commercial spaces and staging projects. With so many industry accolades we were so blessed to be part of the brands evolution and we still pinch ourselves when we check in on their website.

We were first approached to help them move from their old identity (Sheep + Stone) to a new direction for the business, nune. With a clear direction of what they needed, nune was created. Simple, chic and accessible. Hand crafted typographic identity with classic colouring to help reflect and not impose on any interior scheme they create, it has to represent the brands style and purpose.

With such beautiful interiors the website needed to be a portfolio showcase. With each project you cannot help but be drawn into its individuality and beauty. We don’t know how they do it, but we have room envy even when it’s a utility room…!




We contacted Pamela via a referral. We asked Pam to do a brand refresh for us and update our website. We found her, from an operational standpoint, to be extremely flexible, very responsive, super hard working and she really understood what we needed very quickly which was really important to us as we were in a bit of a hurry.
So, we can’t recommend her enough. We felt that she was brilliant at her job, worked really, really hard and we ended up getting something that was perfect and exactly what we wanted.
— Sheena Murphy, Director - Nune