Creating a splash on a budget

15-10-16 Test4824 LR.jpg

Styling a swimwear shoot might sound glamourous and conjure up images of exotic locations, beautiful sunshine, stunning models and so on… But the stark reality is that sometimes you need to be savvy with your budget and your surroundings! There are lots of UK locations that can give the right impression, but if (as often happens) our unpredictable British weather fails you, then an indoor pool can be just as effective. 

On this occasion – a cold autumn day and working on a shoe string budget – we certainly needed to look closer to home if we were to deliver the images on time. And by this, I mean we begged, borrowed and er…stole!

For our location, we chose a fabulous home which has featured in several beautiful architectural magazines. The property was just what we were looking for, not just for its unique exterior, but also because of the impeccable attention to detail on the interior décor. 

Located in the heart of my local region, Nottinghamshire, the house has a vast and gorgeous indoor swimming pool, perfectly complemented by an abundance of tropical flowers inside and out. We quickly realised that, with the right composition and Art Direction, we could easily emulate the look and feel of an authentic Miami or St Tropez home.

15-10-16 Test4812 LR.jpg

By making the most of the morning sun and the amount of glass at the location, we created striking sun beams, bleached lighting and even the steamy windows which added warmth and a summer haze to every image – a great little cheat! Striking whilst the iron was hot, we varied the ambience within the indoor pool to get a wide range of different shots of the swimsuit, from relaxing on a summer’s day to sporty and athletic.

To conclude, there’s always a way to achieve what you want from a photo shoot, no matter what your budget is (well, within reason anyway!)

Glamorous girls

High Fashion Styling and Art Direction

The brief was to create some high fashion looks which both complemented and juxtaposed with the whole interior of our location, a superb 1960s architectural wonder. Our two models both had very different looks, one with striking red hair which was a perfect foil for the wood interiors throughout the house, and the other a petite dark-haired stunner whose clothes just draped off her.

Here you can see how the use of floor-length windows creates a sense of the outdoors becoming part of the whole image composition. The jacket and trousers are from Maison Scotch, whilst the bralet was a great find from Ann Summers. Below is a Boohoo leotard teamed with Kurt Geiger shoes (you don't always need expensive brands to get a high-end look).

Using the unique features in our amazing location, we created stunning scenes in different parts of the house. Above, a simple Mango herringbone jacket over the Boohoo leotard gives a seductive post-work look against the worn black leather inset sofa – an instant hit.

Fashion 4.jpg

The hair and make-up styling embodies the kind of 1960s glamour that must have abounded in the house during its early years. Here, the simple use of colour with the lamp gives additional depth to the room, without which the image wouldn't be nearly as strong. 

The key to great Art Direction on a shoot like this is to spot the areas which you'd usually ignore, like these trees. Walking in and out of the house to get another shot, we took no notice of them. An off-the-cuff comment led to one of the best shots from the day. With the bright-coloured dress, this could easily be used for a summer magazine cover – a world away from the internal glamour shots we'd been working towards. 

Fashion 6.jpg

Hair and Make up – Leanne Shaw. 

Photography – Rob Smalley