Good brand

How a good brand can make you money

You have an exciting business idea that you want to share with the world, you’ve poured your heart and soul into it and possibly your savings. So where does a brand fit into this and how will it help grow your business? Or maybe you’ve been up and running for a while and you need to tell more people about who you are and what you do. So how can good branding make you money?

A brand is there to help you spread your businesses voice, resonate with customers and sell your product or service. But, a brand is more than just a logo. Done right a good brand embodies everything your business stands for, it consistently tells the story of who you are. It’s what sets you apart from your competition in the mind of your customers. Brand awareness and recognition is important when securing sales; a customer can't purchase your product, or make contact with you if they can't remember who you are, what you do or how to find you. 

The best businesses are those whose brands are easy to remember and instantly recognisable. It should resonate with your audience, the product or service you offer – whether your brand is established, hand-crafted, premium for aspecific market or has aspirations to be any of those. Your name should use simple monikers in order to make it memorable and have impact. By this I don’t mean what is on trend right now, or what you as the business owner like, it’s about what is right for your customers and the product or service you’re selling.

Petalon floral arrangement

A brand who I believe has established themselves within their small business arena is - Petalon, a London based florist. Owner, Florence Kennedy wanted to break away from the structured nature which was the norm for floral arrangements. Her style is practical, accessible and achievable by all, that brand message comes through from their identity; how they package their arrangements down to their instagram posts. The business has significantly grown, now becoming an extremely sort after wedding florist, offering a variety of workshops to now a published book ‘ Flowers, Every Day’ (which I'm dying to buy). They have followed all the rules in order to make their brand successful. Their brand elements use the fibonacci circle, which is genius as it is relevant to the core of every plant life, their font choice is simple, yet bold, the hessian fabric that they wrap each arrangement in shows their unstructured, natural ethos to flower arranging. They even deliver their arrangements by bicycle, showing that they are an ethically responsible business. I would recommend following their instagram feed @petalon_flowers, it will inspire you, give you social content ideas as well as show the importance of brand. 

Petalon delivery style

Like Petalon successful branding creates trust, improves awareness, supports your marketing, motivates you and your employees and generates new business - which in turn makes you money. These individual elements helps customers resonate with your brand, become loyal advocates which in turn means repeat business. Brand advocates become your best marketing tool, word of mouth. 

If you’re considering branding or rebranding your business, these questions below should help you get started.

What would you name the business, is it relevant and meaningful? Don't let yourself get too caught up trying to think of something cool or catchy.

How is your brand going to sound, what is your voice? Businesses have personalities, and your customers will choose whether they interact based upon your brand personality.

Visually how do you want to be seen? An image is worth a thousand words, and the visual impact of your brand goes a long way toward building brand recognition. Are you bold & brave or simplistic & minimal?

Where will your brand be seen? Consistency in your brand is key for your customers to see you as a trustworthy and dependable business.

If you want to find out how we can work together to create a brand that will help you grow your business and make you money please give me a call on 07834 830 384 - I’d love to meet up, have a tea and chat over your ambitions.