SafeHome is a brand new online business that sells DIY burglar alarm systems that are easy to install and are available at various price points to suit different homes and requirements. With the company aiming to protect homes across the UK, they’re up against some stiff competition from well-known high street brands.

So, the key to creating a successful brand was to distinguish SafeHome from these burglar alarm ‘giants’ – giving them an instant sense of credibility and making homeowners feel that the company genuinely has their security interests at heart. I therefore needed to do more than just create a logo; I needed to create a strong brand identity and strategy, too.



I worked with the client on refining the brief, which gave me valuable insights into their product range and industry marketplace. I also gained a deeper understanding of their target customer base: their story, personality, likes and dislikes. All this gave direction to the brand creation process, but it also opened new opportunities around what this new company’s identity could actually be.

At this point, SafeHome hadn’t even decided on a name for their business. This gave fantastic scope for creating something truly amazing and I couldn’t wait to get started!

After researching their prospective customers, their competitors and the current financial climate, it became clear that what SafeHome needed to convert customers from their high street competitors was, quite simply, warmth.

I decided that warmth should pervade the brand identity in every possible way – from the content that’s written about the company to the images and style used in their visuals. The red to orange gradient that we chose adds real depth to the brand, and is used within their core logo, product photography and as an overlay to their lifestyle imagery. 

Using a gradient opens up the brand to using several colours within their spectrum, creating flexibility and giving longevity. The ‘lock’ icon visually represents their product offering, giving the customer an instant connection to the product they’re buying. The icon’s curved nature creates a sense of approachability, which will appeal to a wide demographic range.

The strapline gives the customer the idea that SafeHome take home security seriously and fully understand their audience and its needs. I really love this brand, especially as they fully understand and embrace the importance of a strong brand identity.


“We love it so much – you don’t realise the impact a brand has to your business until you actually have one!”

If this story has got you thinking about your business and what a fresh brand design could do for you, please get in touch – I’d love to chat with you over tea and a cake!