Greenwood Bookkeeping Services



As businesses become more agile, so have their bookkeeping requirements. These days, we’re becoming increasingly reliant on technology and the benefits that cloud-based software and applications bring to business owners. 

Bookkeeping is something of a saturated marketplace. So when they decided to rebrand, Greenwood Bookkeeping knew they needed to demonstrate their understanding of intuitive and ever-evolving technologies in order to appeal to new and growing businesses.

We started out with a great briefing process where we discussed their current and prospective clients; the ideal perception for their brand; their unique selling points; and their design likes and dislikes. After that, Greenwood Bookkeeping entrusted me with coming up with branding ideas which would help take their business to the next level.


I began by stripping back the concept of bookkeeping to the basics – monitoring money, keeping track of invoices and expenditure and so on. I also focused on the unique service that Greenwood Bookkeeping offer their clients, which includes delivering quarterly reports, so you can monitor your business growth. 

The new brand identity turns the ‘W’ of ‘Wood’ into a graph to give the idea of providing information visually, with the simplicity of the design lending a modern feel to the brand.


The vibrant colours are bold, sharp and fresh; a deliberate juxtaposition to traditional perceptions of the bookkeeping industry, which tends to be seen as bland and, well, boring... Aqua reflects innovation, creativity and efficiency, everything Greenwood Bookkeeping wanted to get across. The navy blue perfectly complements the core aqua tone, demonstrating the company’s professionalism and the serious nature of their work. This helps to ground the brand, enhancing their appeal to a variety of industry sectors.


Within the first week of the new brand launching, Greenwood Bookkeeping had already secured a new client. This made it clear that the only thing that had been holding them back was how prospective businesses perceived them. It’s a fact of life that how your brand is viewed makes a huge difference to the audience you attract and how well your business performs in terms of sales and growth.


"I'm absolutely thrilled with the end result! It was a real pleasure working with Pam, she made the entire process painless with her amazing creativity and professional combined with a natural friendliness".

If this story has got you thinking about your business and what a fresh brand design could do for you, please get in touch – let’s chat over tea and a cake.