Creating curves

An empty room is a blank space, so where do you start? When designing a room, its character is built by all the little details you add along the way. But with a large space like this one, you need one very large detail to set the tone from the beginning. Tactility and ambience were the key attributes on this occasion, with the aim of creating a room that people would always want to visit. That’s why no trends or themes were introduced, as the space has to stand the test of time and appeal to a variety of demographics.

We set out to create warmth, softness and just a hint of drama

First, we looked for natural materials to create the mood the room needed, deciding on a curved light wood. Layering the timbers on top of each other generates depth, with the subtle change of tones within the wood’s natural grain providing the kind of gorgeous detail you can only dream of. Our chosen fabrics – a mixture of leather, cottons and felt – add texture and soften the masculine effect that a large expanse of wood can often produce.

We also tempered the acoustics with an ergonomically-shaped feature wall. This helps dull the background noise and create an environment which welcomes intimate conversations, as well as a unique seating solution. Following the theme of softening the edges, we chose curved booths to give intimate dining areas which can seat from 2 to 8 people; this is also a great way to close or section off a very wide room.

As a finishing touch, we installed dimmed, ambient lighting to help people relax, forget about the stresses of their day and enjoy their time in a warm and welcoming space