Like a fine wine

As a designer, I’m always the person that’s asked to help plan and design the entire event whenever a landmark occasion arrives. And I find that, because I know the people so well, designing the invitations is the easiest part. On this occasion, I was armed with the knowledge that my friend loves wine and everything it has to offer at the end of a very long day – so it was only fitting that her party invitation should be a bespoke wine label.

The invitation featured written verses that expressed my friend’s personality as if she was a fine wine, describing her as ‘a vibrant little number with enough attitude to give your taste buds a tingle.’ Little touches like this made it clear to every person invited that this party would be truly unique.

By using G.F. Smith Colorplan Fuchsia Pink paper with silver foil across the whole invitation, I achieved a high-end, luxurious result at a low cost. As the invitation solely used silver foil, no printing was required – a trick that can often help create something with a champagne look on a lemonade budget.