Short break in Hong Kong

Big city with tradition at its heart


En route to Taiwan, we had a stopover in Hong Kong for a few days. The epitome of a big city with its bright lights and fast-paced lifestyle, Hong Kong is a complete contrast to Taiwan. The city screams ‘money’ from the very minute you land, with brands such as Burberry and Dior stocked in airport shops as large as UK department stores. A shopper’s paradise – if you have that kind of money.

Armed with our Lonely Planet travel guide, we took in every sight, sound and taste there was on offer. The book offers some great restaurant recommendations, although they don’t tell you that some of these are fast food places, such as Fat Angelo's. (I still get ribbed about it to this day.) We had an outstanding steak at a restaurant on the Waterfront – a great way to watch the Hong Kong light show, which only gets better the more times you watch it. 

Another highlight of our trip was taking a bus ride around the city and then the train up to The Peak. The views from the top were breathtaking, even on a foggy day.

Hong Kong offers everything you’d expect from modern day China, such as fast trains and late night bars. At the same time, tradition is evident at every turn, with boats still used to travel around the city and bamboo still used for scaffolding (see image above). 

The old and new are perfectly aligned together, and you can't go down a street without experiencing one or the other. You’ll find traditional Hong Kong restaurants right next to brand new bars – all open late and extremely welcoming to travellers.

An amazing short city break.