Same, same but different. Is Instagram becoming all too familiar?

Is diversity still welcome on this social platform?

This might sound controversial, but after going to a few social media workshops to try and strengthen my online social presence, I left uninspired and a little disappointed. Throughout these workshops, and whilst reviewing Instagram’s Top 10 accounts, I found that all the 'best' images tend to look the same in terms of composition, tone and often content. They also seem to use the same style of props (although different physically, they still look very similar), the same layout and the same colourways.

So my question is: When you need to show flexibility and variety of experience, should your images look the same or should you be able to embrace being different? I’ve recently started following some new Instagram accounts and I’ve learnt a great deal about the marketplace, and what works and what doesn't. I’ve also gained a new insight into myself and my work. And I think that, in order to maximise my online social presence, I'm going to try to make every picture different from the next.

Not everything about the social media workshops was disappointing. What was great to learn is that it’s best to avoid using filters, as these can dilute your image content and hide how good you are as a photographer. Also, the importance of using hashtags, an area which is ever-changing and something I'm constantly trying to improve on. For example, you should always use hashtags in a comment, not just with your image upload. Make sure your hashtags cover more than just the content of your image – and don't forget your location.

The more I learn on Instagram, the more I'll share. Follow me on Instagram to see how I’m progressing with what I've learnt and if all my images have blended into one.