Fail to follow the rules. Rules are made to be broken. Don’t just bend them. Smash them. Blow them up. Destroy them.

I love that quote! I think I’ll start having this as my daily mantra: “Fail to follow the rules.”

There’s always so much promise in a new book. A chance to steal a few minutes of peace from a busy day and indulge in true escapism. My latest read came from my sister-in-law when she visited the UK. It’s an unusual gift to say the least, but it really got me thinking.

She really does know me so well!


Failed it! reflects on everyday failures, big and small. What do they really mean? Are they all true failures or just mistakes on the path to greatness? Our family, friends and even peers might tell us that failure is character-building. But it’s all too easy to disregard these comments whilst our inner turmoil spirals out of control, agonizing over every scenario and eventuality until we can no longer see a solution to the problem.

"Whether planned or unplanned, mistakes force us to take a closer look – they catch our attention in a sea of bland excellence."

The book encourages you to look past a failure to find original ideas and creative success. It offers examples which, at first glance, might look like mistakes, but if you look differently you’ll spot greatness and even humour in these errors. The peacock skip (pictured below) is a classic example of a happy failure, something which we see daily but don’t pay much attention to. This is how we should see our failures. By taking a different approach, we can view them as opportunities – fabulous instead of fatal!

This book is a ‘must buy’ for anyone needing an inspirational lift. With motivating quotes from great personalities like Winston Churchill, you’re sure to read it from cover to cover.   

“Redesign your imagination”