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Designing an invitation for any sort of event can be the trickiest of projects. As well as being an extremely personal process, it’s also the key to enticing people to attend. No simple task when you’ll be hitting multiple audiences, all with different tastes, with just one piece of collateral!

This invitation was for a Prohibition Wedding, where it was important to maintain the American Art Deco theme whilst adding a contemporary twist. We focused on the alcohol advertising that was around at the time (think the mirrored adverts you used to see in pubs), using a Smoke Foil (ref 6705) on G.F Smith Nomad Grey Smooth Paper. This created a tactile yet impactful invitation. The design was intricate but the execution simple, creating the perfect balance of old and new.

Every detail of the invitation continued the Prohibition-era theme, from the illustrated map of the wedding location to the language used. It gave you the feeling of being transported back in time, but in a modern setting – giving guests a sense of what the day would be like before they even arrived at the venue.

We took care to provide the guests with plenty of information, such as where to find the church and evening reception venues, lists of local taxi firms and hotels, and the fact that whilst booze was provided, they could maybe bring a bottle or two as well. We even asked for music requests so we could add these to the playlist. This made the guests feel very much part of and involved in the wedding, and helped them prepare for the day.

As a finishing touch, we included a reply slip and envelope with each invitation. This really is the best way to make sure replies are sent – it's remarkable how it encourages people to respond quickly.