Behind the Scenes

Editorial Shoot

Working with Rob Smalley (Photographer) and Leanne Shaw (Hair & Make-up), we set out to update their portfolio. They asked for my support in Styling and Art Direction, to help them create something that would really make them stand out in the fashion arena.

Rob sourced a unique location previously used by M&S and for a Vogue photo shoot, as well as a Goldfrapp music video. As soon as you approach the drive, it’s easy to see why the house has been so widely-used. It’s a beautiful, 1960s open plan property that’s in mint condition and set within two acres of secluded Nottinghamshire woodland.

The house is owned by a local high-end furniture distributer, something which was clear to see in every room. All the furnishings are original and perfectly complement the house and its features in every way. But what really adds the ‘Wow’ factor to this already amazing location is the fully-glazed indoor swimming pool.

My role in the photo shoot was to style and dress the models. After a few days of planning and frantically sourcing clothes for models who hadn’t quite been confirmed, the day finally arrived. Armed with a suitcase full of clothes, shoes and accessories, I set up and started steaming clothes ready for every possible scenario. As soon as the house tour was done, the shoot list refined, and the models’ hair and make-up perfected, the shoot began.

I supported Leanne throughout the day, making sure the hair looked right through the lens and sometimes adjusting make-up to suit the lighting, as well as working with Rob on Art Direction. This involved checking the composition, moving furniture around, advising the models on their pose and generally striving to achieve the perfect shot.

It was a great day and we captured some fantastic shots – but this was the sneak peek Behind the Scenes.

It was a busy day I promise : )

It was a busy day I promise : )